ExxonMobil (NYSE) experienced a downturn in share prices on Monday following the company’s 8K filing, which indicated earnings per share (EPS) that fell below market expectations. Analysts at Jefferies highlighted that ExxonMobil’s projected EPS of approximately $1.50 to $2.40 per share is significantly lower than the VisibleAlpha consensus estimate of around $2.30 per share, a shortfall of about 17%.

The 8K filing revealed that ExxonMobil’s earnings are anticipated to be adversely affected by fluctuations in natural gas prices and industry margins. Jefferies attributed the disappointing EPS primarily to weaker upstream performance, likely a result of global natural gas realizations.

Despite the buyside’s modest downward adjustments due to recent pressures on refining margins, there were still hopes for better performance in ExxonMobil’s chemicals sector. This has led to a cautious market response, with ExxonMobil’s stock price dropping more than 1% on Monday. Over the past three months, the stock has declined over 7%, yet it remains up more than 11% year-to-date.


The recent filing and subsequent market reaction underscore the challenges ExxonMobil faces in maintaining its strong performance amid volatile commodity prices and shifting industry margins. Investors, already wary of placing more money into stocks given the skyrocketing valuations in 2024, now find themselves questioning whether ExxonMobil remains a viable investment amidst these new challenges.

The EPS shortfall points to a broader issue within ExxonMobil’s operations, particularly its upstream performance. This segment, heavily influenced by global natural gas prices, has shown vulnerability. Additionally, while the chemicals sector was expected to cushion some of this impact, it did not perform as well as anticipated.

However, this period of volatility may present an opportunity for strategic investors. Despite the current dip, ExxonMobil’s fundamentals and long-term growth potential could still offer substantial returns, especially as the company navigates these challenges and adjusts its strategies accordingly.

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