Breaking Down Brexit: Views From Across Europe

Barely moments after the ink had dried on the draft agreement, Prime Minister Theresa May’s vision for Brexit Britain had already started to fall apart.

Within minutes there were calls for her resignation. But for now, Prime Minister May stands strong, as the currency markets react to every political move.

Who’s in, who’s out, who’s hanging on by their fingertips, what’s at stake and more: Our breaking news and coverage continues here.

Theresa May Hold Press Conference Inside Downing Street 

Brexit Draft Deal: Were Plans To Relocate Premature or Pointless?

Even London’s financial leaders are still deciphering what the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement means for them.

But nearly one-third of them have contingency made plans to relocate away from the U.K. Now the draft deal is out—these plans might not be needed after all.

Madhvi Mavadiya examined how May’s agreement now shows us how U.K. business could keep “equivalence” in access to the single market for another 24 months, delaying the need for businesses to pack up and move – for now.


Tech Sector Breathes A Sigh Of Relief

Theresa May’s draft Brexit withdrawal agreement could stall the talent exodus which has been widely predicted by the tech sector since Brexit was triggered in 2016.

Anna Tobin explores the positive short-term impact the agreement could have on the industry, although cautions that the draft agreement remains a stopgap ahead of a U.K.-EU trade deal which has yet to be negotiated.

Jacob Rees-Mogg Press Conference Outside Parliament BARCROFT MEDIA  

Risk Of Brexit Contagion Across Europe

Growing numbers of nationalist politicians across Europe are eagerly watching the U.K.’s every move as a barometer for the possibility of launching their own secession from Europe.

Jo Harper looks to Poland where the likelihood of “Polexit” hangs over Theresa May’s negotiations.



Britain’s Obsession With The Weather Hits GDP

Britain’s lackluster GDP growth isn’t just about Brexit. Before the draft agreement was revealed, Frances Coppola showed another side to the story. Britain’s GDP growth has been declining since 2014, even before Brexit.

Economists believe the weather made the biggest impact on British growth in 2018. The first quarter slowed growth to almost zero after exceptionally bad weather, followed by an unexpected bounce back after the exceptionally good summer.

Businesses Are Already Making Millions From The Brexit Immigration Nightmare

The U.K.’s Home Office is doling out lucrative contracts to check the identity of foreign nationals if the U.K. loses access to shared European databases.

Thomas Brewster reveals the companies already cashing in on the impending immigration chaos.


Theresa May Promotes Brexit Deal In Face Of Cross-party Opposition

The Brutal Reality Of Brexit

One of the hidden dangers of Theresa May’s draft agreement is that it ends up leaving the U.K.’s negotiating position on a permanent free trade deal severely weakened.

Frances Coppola asks why the EU would even consider renegotiating better terms if the U.K. has already capitulated to become a European rule-taker? That, she writes, is the brutal reality of Brexit.

Great British Pound vs US Dollar

EURO vs Great British Pound

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