Chart Patterns for Successful Trading

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Improve your skills by understanding the basics of trading breakouts. The success of a forex trader relies 90% on chart patterns. Understand how to use them and apply them in your trading with a reliable broker in order to be taking the profits constantly with no hassle!

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Classic Chart Patterns

Classic chart patterns

Price Chart Patterns

Classic Chart Patterns and Candlestick Formations

Standard Chart Patterns

Candlestick Formations

Chart Patterns

These are candlestick formations and patterns, some believe are powerful, but we recommend you to master the classic chart patterns, and ask us if you have any questions here.

More candlestick formations

Again we recommend you to stick to the standard classic chart patterns or contact us directly and request a free training. 

Bellow you will find a few charts on which you can practice the chart patterns and see if you will recognize any.

By now you should already have a great understanding of the chart patterns, now apply it! So we can get to the money making point faster! – Because this is what we are here for, aren’t we?

It’s easy!

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Use the Head and Shoulder pattern for:

1 minute trading strategy 

5 minute trading strategy 

15 minute trading strategy 

30 minute trading strategy 

1 hour trading strategy 

4 hour trading strategy 

Daily trading strategy 

Weekly trading strategy 

Monthly trading strategy