Digital pioneer: 50 years of computers at the FWB

1969 was the year of the first moon landing, the legendary Woodstock Festival and the last Beatles concert. And it was the beginning of a new technological era at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, FWB®.

The digital age at FWB starts on 1 February 1969 – earlier than at its competitors. From then on, traders can record their stock exchange transactions via data stations (in the middle of the picture) and process them electronically.

In 1991, IBIS is rolled out in Frankfurt, a simple supply and demand system without automated matching.

The trading floor in 1998.

On 28 November 1997, yet another new era of exchange trading begins. Xetra, the fully electronic trading system for the cash market, replaces IBIS. Stock exchange trading takes on an international dimension: at the start, 222 trading participants from Europe are connected to the system and 109 shares can be traded via Xetra.

3 July 2017: Deutsche Börse’s IT infrastructure is further harmonised with the T7® trading technology going live for Xetra trading on FWB. Eurex and EEX are already using the technology.