Look at the new 2021 S-Class by Mercedes-Benz




The most advanced sedan we’ve ever produced.

Updated with innovations throughout, the S-Class has never been more focused on the comfort and well-being of its passengers.

For more than a century, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has stood as the ultimate expression of what the automobile can be.

Time and again, this vehicle has driven new standards in comfort, elegance, safety and innovation. And if there’s one thing that defines our approach to this icon, it’s knowing that we’ll never be finished perfecting it. With the 2021 S-Class, we’ve redefined luxury again, re-imagining what’s possible for the future of driving.

The new S-Class is longer and wider, and yet all-new rear-axle steering makes it more nimble, with a tighter turning radius for urban driving. What those added dimensions deliver is comfort and spaciousness inside. Here, a lounge-like atmosphere caters to the welfare of driver and passengers in uniquely S-Class ways. Activate the massaging seats, cue an ENERGIZING Comfort wellness program, raise the rear-seat calf rests, bask in the Burmester 4D sound system: Every drive is designed to be unforgettable. For the driver, no fewer than 19 motors allow you to perfect your seat position for maximum comfort.

And that’s just one example of the innovation engineered for this vehicle. Within the S-Class, numerous other technologies make this one of the most advanced sedans you’ll ever drive. The vehicle is equipped with up to five screens, including the striking new center console that seems to float conveniently within reach. Interior Active Ambient Lighting not only sets the mood, it also supports the driver assistance features or signals interactions with the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) system. A 3D Digital Instrument Cluster provides a more accurate rendering of the world around the vehicle. The very latest Intelligent Drive features come standard. And speaking of MBUX, it now has 50% more processing power.

Some of our most important innovations are ones we hope will never be needed. Rear passenger airbags have been engineered to deploy from in front of the passenger, significantly reduce loads in case of collision. And systems like PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side — which consist of an air chamber in the side bolster of the seat, nudging the passenger away from an imminent side impact — continue to find ingenious ways to reduce potential hazards. They combine to make the S-Class as reassuring as it is revolutionary.

2021 S-Class

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