Make Consistent Profits Daily From Trading 3 Major Forex Pairs

consistent profits from trading

Trading forex is the easiest way to make money online in the 21st century. And it is very important to know what is the best trading strategy that can keep you consistent and highly profitable when trading.

By using our guide for trading forex online you will be able to generate 100 to 500 pips profit on daily basis and be consistent.

Just a quick recap of the basics in trading.

If you have a small $250 account, and use a leverage of 1:500 with the most popular broker in United States then use a 1 lot position to catch a 10 pips movement, your profit will equal $100! And when you catch 100 pips with a trade size of 1 lot, your profit will be $1,000!

Of course it’s not advisable to expose your account to such a high risk, but it’s a good easy to understand example of what is possible when trading with 1 lot and catching 100 pips movement from trading 3 major forex pairs.

It’s a remarkable trading strategy which will help you be consistent in making profits daily from trading 3 major forex pairs!


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