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What is this about?

TRESORFX is a 5-start globally recognized investment advisory, working with some of the best internationally regulated brokerages to help retail and institutional investors worldwide gain more capital through professional investment management. 

How can I benefit?

You can benefit easily by opening an account with one of our partnering brokers, and have it connected to our master account so you can start earning everytime we make a profit.

Do I need to know how to trade?

Not at all. The goal here is for us to manage your portfolio. You will be receiving daily and monthly statements with your account’s performance so you can monitor how fast your capital is growing.

Will this take any of my time?

It doesn’t take any of your time.

We manage trading accounts since 2010 and we don’t require you to waste any time on your account.

How often can I withdraw my profits?

You can withdraw whenever you wish.

Most clients setup their account with weekly and monthly automated withdrawals to help supplement their main income.

Is this Safe?

We provide capital protection of up to $350,000 per client. We secure our clients’ funds with top-tier banks, and provide full investment insurance.

How does TRESORFX make it’s profit?

Since we are an investment advisory, we only earn a commission every time we make you a profit. It’s a profit share structure, where we receive 5% of the profit that we generate for our clients.


Below you will find one of our trading statements from 2022.

Here you can see that we managed to turn a $100,000 account into $2,160Million profit in about 3 months of trading.


Statement: 9709288 - John Richards
Broker Account Statement

Account: 709288Name: John RichardsCurrency: USDLeverage: 1:4002022 March 17, 18:35
Closed Transactions:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPriceS / LT / PClose TimePriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfit
12460612022.01.11 10:13:42balanceDeposit USD100 000.00
12460742022.01.11 15:28:54buy5.00brent81.670.000.002022.01.19 18:31:2188. 650.00
12460802022.01.17 13:31:52buy5.00brent85.240.000.002022.01.19 18:31:2988.310.000.000.0015 350.00
12461132022.01.24 11:49:14buy2.00btcusd32760.330.000.002022.02.10 17:52:1445176. 831.92
12460872022.01.24 19:07:19buy5.00brent84.610.000.002022.02.04 21:27:2592.870.000.000.0041 300.00
12460882022.01.24 19:10:17buy10.00brent84.830.000.002022.02.14 20:27:2894.620.000.000.0097 900.00
12461172022.01.28 14:27:23buy5.00nas10013944.710.000.002022.02.02 14:01:4215225.440.000.000.00128 073.00
12462702022.02.04 11:09:36balanceWithdrawal-150 000.00
12461092022.02.10 18:51:48sell10.00eurusd1.148810.000000.000002022.03.16 16:07:401.099650.000.000.0049 160.00
12461202022.02.10 23:27:54sell10.00nas10015074.270.000.002022.03.16 10:27:3613608. 246.00
12461032022.02.11 16:28:59buy5.00ngas3.8550.0000.0002022.03.16 16:07:514.7480.000.000.0044 650.00
12461042022.02.11 20:27:17buy5.00ngas3.9210.0000.0002022.03.16 16:07:564.7480.000.000.0041 350.00
12462712022.02.15 11:09:46balanceWithdrawal-150 000.00
12460902022.02.16 12:14:48buy10.00xauusd1858.620.000.002022.02.24 10:51:371944.710.000.000.0086 090.00
12461222022.02.16 22:01:58sell10.00nas10014600.510.000.002022.02.24 15:32:3013050. 082.00
12460812022.02.18 11:54:56buy5.00brent88.770.000.002022.03.07 08:06:33128. 300.00
12461102022.02.21 10:20:51sell10.00eurusd1.137420.000000.000002022.03.16 16:07:461.099660.000.000.0037 760.00
12462722022.02.25 11:09:54balanceWithdrawal-150 000.00
12460842022.02.28 15:22:01buy5.00brent97.910.000.002022.03.08 16:34:32130. 400.00
12461052022.03.01 09:27:06buy5.00ngas4.3150.0000.0002022.03.16 16:08:014.7480.000.000.0021 650.00
12460912022.03.02 10:18:52buy10.00xauusd1915.710.000.002022.03.08 17:39:382069. 390.00
12461002022.03.08 17:40:17sell15.00xauusd2069.330.000.002022.03.16 16:08:061920.970.000.000.00222 540.00
12461012022.03.09 07:34:19sell15.00xauusd2055.640.000.002022.03.16 16:08:111920.810.000.000.00202 245.00
12462732022.03.11 11:10:02balanceWithdrawal-250 000.00
12506232022.03.17 13:40:21balanceWithdrawal-1 300 000.00 160 967.92
Closed P/L:2 160 967.92
Open Trades:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPriceS / LT / P PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfit
No transactions
 Floating P/L:0.00
Working Orders:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPriceS / LT / PMarket Price 
No transactions
Deposit/Withdrawal:-1 900 000.00Credit Facility:0.00 
Closed Trade P/L:2 160 967.92Floating P/L:0.00Margin:0.00
Balance:236 588.11Equity:236 588.11Free Margin:236 588.11
Gross Profit:2 160 967.92Gross Loss:0.00Total Net Profit:2 160 967.92
Profit Factor:Expected Payoff:113735.15 
Absolute Drawdown:0.00Maximal Drawdown:0.00 (0.00%)Relative Drawdown:0.00% (0.00)
Total Trades:19Short Positions (won %):6 (100.00%)Long Positions (won %):13 (100.00%)
Profit Trades (% of total):19 (100.00%)Loss trades (% of total):0 (0.00%)
Largestprofit trade:310 082.00loss trade:0.00
Averageprofit trade:113 735.15loss trade:0.00
Maximumconsecutive wins ($):19 (2 160 967.92)consecutive losses ($):0 (0.00)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count):2 160 967.92 (19)consecutive loss (count):0.00 (0)
Averageconsecutive wins:19consecutive losses:0
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