technical analysis for beginners

Why do banks, hedge funds, and smart retail traders make money trading forex, stocks, commodities on daily basis? – Because they know technical analysis!

Why did the traders bought the BTC on 19th of March, 2019? – Because they know technical analysis! (BTC Jumped from $4k to $13k back then, not it’s value is exceeding $30k)

Why did CAD traders buy the USDCAD on 11th of September 2019? – Because of technical analysis! (110 pips rise)

Why did Gold traders buy the XAUUSD on 30th of May? – Because of technical analysis! (Gold rose with more than $200)

Why are people making mad money from Brexit, trading the GBP? – Because they understand technical analysis! (avarage of 100 pips profit daily from trading only the GBP)

And you can too! Take the masterclass and learn! It takes from 1 to 2 weeks to master the information depending on your level of experience.

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