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The worldwide 2022 forex market is worth $2,409,000,000 ($2.409 quadrillion). $6.6 trillion on average every day is traded on foreign exchange markets.

The total market capitalization of the U.S. stock market is currently $46,460,463.2 million (September 30th, 2022). The market value is the total market cap of all U.S. based public companies listed in the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Market or OTCQX U.S. Market (read more about OTC markets from here.)

Market Cap is around Below $1 Trillion, Bitcoin (BTC)

And our automated trading software analyses all markets in real time, detects daily opportunities on and slices a piece of the pie for our users. 

If you want to be profitable from trading and investing on the global financial markets you must use our market-forecasting tools and automated trading AI software. Try our services for a good 2 week free trial and enjoy making great profits in a globally regulated environment.

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Capital protection up to £1,000,000 per client

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The results are outstanding. Pretty decent people.

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I don't undersand these modern day trading things, and found tresorfx on the net searching for ways to make money. Honestly as a 61 year old man it's hard for me to invest just like that so I started with a very small account to test the waters and after 2 weeks I saw great returns and moved most of my money in my trading account so they can manage it. It's already tripled and profits are withdrawn, and now it's just compounding and growing. I even have a debit card linked to my investment account. Very good service.

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Professional Trading Signals directly on the platform


10 percent daily roi

Cash-flow investment accounts

The Cash-flow investment account is a passive income strategy that allows you

to invest in a portfolio managed by TRESORFX and set up how often you would like to 

take out your gains. This account type allows you to have a debit card linked to your

investment account and have easier access to your money.