Psychopaths drive German cars, study claims

According to the findings of a research done on 2,000 British drivers in order to discover a link between their psychotic behavioural features and the brand of vehicle they owned, owners of German automobiles exhibit a high level of psychopathic characteristics.

Psychopaths drive German cars

A recent research conducted by 3Gem in the United Kingdom has shown some intriguing findings concerning the psychotic characteristics of drivers. It is claimed in the research that drivers of German automobiles have a high prevalence of psychotic characteristics. In layman’s terms, the research says that individuals who drive automobiles from brands such as Audi or BMW are psychopaths. According to the findings of the 3Gem research, persons who drive Volkswagens or Hyundais are more likely to have low psychopathic tendencies. With this research at your disposal, you now understand that passing a BMW or an Audi may be quite dangerous at times.

Study participants included 2,000 British drivers of various automobile models. Psychological characteristics of the drivers were assessed using a brief test administered to them. Based on their personality attributes and the brands of automobiles they owned, they were given a score of 36. According to the findings of a test, BMW owners had the most psychotic traits, followed by Audi owners. They were soon followed by owners of Mazda and Fiat vehicles. Drivers of French automobiles, on the other hand, had superior moral character attributes. Citroen, Volkswagen, and Hyundai were all in the lowest echelons of the rankings.

Psychopaths drive German cars

Drivers with most psychopathic traits by car brand (Scores out of 36).

  1. BMW (12.1)
  2. Audi (11.7)
  3. Fiat (7.0)
  4. Mazda (6.4)
  5. Honda (6.3)
  6. Ford (6.1)
  7. Mercedes-Benz (5.9)
  8. Citroën (5.8)
  9. Volkswagen (5.4)
  10. Hyundai (5.3)

Furthermore, the research found that the positions were assigned based on the color of one’s skin. Owners of gold and brown automobiles expressed the most worry, with 12.7 and 12.2 percent of them expressing alarm. Those that drive electric vehicles, on the other hand, scored a perfect score of 16. A 9.8 rating was given to hybrid, diesel, and petrol vehicle owners, correspondingly.

“None of our drivers polled scored well enough to imply they actually possess distinct qualities commonly shown by a psychopath, psychopathy is a disorder that impacts lives and hence should be treated seriously,” 3Gem asserted while presenting the study’s findings.

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