Stock Market Performance

BOEING Stocks are up 10% since last Friday (since 25th of Jan)
1. They have confirmed that their test flight of the airtaxi prototype was successful – this will change civil transportation forever
2. The Pentagon announced that BOEING won the deal for military air planes, and has ordered 19 new BOEING planes which will cost a total of 2.9 Billion dollars. The deal is sealed.

When you are making a revolutionary technology and also the Pentagon confirms a nice big fat juicy deal, what do you think will happen with stocks of Boeing. Skyrocket is the answer.

Boeing stocks are at $385 per share at the moment. Next stop is $500 per share. That’s a difference of $115 per share – profit potential is $11,194 with an investment of $3,880 with the broker from this article.

You will regret not taking advantage of this opportunity!

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