How To Make Money Today: Dow Jones Daily Market Analysis and Forex Trading Signals 27 January 2022

To assist you to make a good day-trading selection, we’ll cover the newest forex market analysis. Make more money today with our market analysis. You must know how to trade first and have at least a simple understanding of chart patterns. Aside from that, we’ll cover some basic tips and methods that can aid anybody curious in day trading strategies. So let’s start by looking at some charts from today…

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Dow Jones Industrial Average:

On the H4, with price moving below the ichimoku cloud, signifying an overall bearish momentum. We can expect price to drop from our 1st resistance at 34563 in line horizontal graphical overlap and 38.2% Fibonacci retracement towards 1st  support in line with horizontal overlap support ,161.8% Fibonacci extension level at 33307. Alternatively, price may break 1st resistance structure and head for 2nd resistance, which coincides with 61.8% Fibonacci retracement at 35516. Traders should wait for price to swing higher or lower before entering.

Areas of consideration:

  • H4 time frame, 1st resistance of 34563
  • H4 time frame, 1st support of 33307
dow jones technical analysis


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