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How To Make Money Today: Daily Market Analysis and Forex Trading Signals 31 January 2022

To assist you to make a good day-trading selection, we’ll cover the newest forex market analysis. Make more money today with our market analysis. You must know how to trade first and have at least a simple understanding of chart patterns. Aside from that, we’ll cover some basic tips and methods that can aid anybody curious in day trading strategies. So let’s start by looking at some charts from today…

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On the H4 chart, price is abiding by a descending trendline and near 1st support level of 1.11333 which is also 161.8% Fibonacci retracement. Price can potentially bounce to the 1st resistance of 1.12727 which is also 61.8% Fibonacci projection and 78.6% Fibonacci retracement. Our bullish bias is supported by the stochastic indicator as it is at support level. 

Areas of consideration 

  • H4 1st support at 1.11333
  • H4 1st resistance 1.12727
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