Thetanuts Finance, a pioneering decentralized on-chain options protocol, has introduced a Leveraged LRT Strategy Vault on the Ethereum Mainnet by integrating Pendle Finance’s $PT-eETH, marking a significant leap into the burgeoning realm of restaking and Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs).

Empowering DeFi users with a groundbreaking opportunity, the Leveraged LRT Strategy Vault allows for accelerated staking yields by leveraging the potential of Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs). These tokens enable investors to stake their assets in liquid restaking protocols, such as EtherFi, to generate additional yield beyond the Ethereum Mainnet rewards.

With the integration of Pendle Finance’s $PT-eETH offering, Thetanuts Finance introduces a novel mechanism to further boost yields. $PT-eETH holders now have the option to utilize their tokens in the Leveraged LRT Strategy Vault, offering the potential for enhanced returns through option premiums and rewards.

Investors can capitalize on the Leveraged LRT Strategy Vault by “Zapping” their $PT-eETH tokens into Thetanuts Finance’s v3 Lending Market, borrowing $ETH, and depositing it into the $ETH Call (“ETH-C”) Basic Vault. This process generates additional Basic Vault Option premiums while taking on short volatility risk, thereby unlocking multiple avenues for yield generation.

Thetanuts Finance’s innovative approach revolutionizes the options market by creating a new yield-generating tool for LRT-related staking products. The launch of the Leveraged LRT Strategy Vault represents a pioneering step towards maximizing returns within the DeFi landscape.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the associated risks, as depositors in $PT-eETH short-call vaults bear short volatility risk, potentially leading to losses if the market for eETH or PT-eETH experiences downturns.

About Thetanuts Finance: Thetanuts Finance is a leading decentralized on-chain options protocol specializing in altcoin options. With the unveiling of the Leveraged LRT Strategy Vault, Thetanuts Finance extends its reach into the realm of staking and Liquid Restaking Tokens, offering innovative solutions for maximizing DeFi returns.

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