In the latest evening trading session, the USA500 index sustained its levels above the 5000 mark, bolstered by a significant rally in technology stocks. This uptrend comes as investors gear up for a series of crucial earnings announcements expected to shape market sentiment further.

The spotlight was particularly on Tesla, which surged in after-hours trading. The electric vehicle giant recently unveiled its strategy to launch new, more affordable models by 2025. This news provided a substantial boost to investor confidence, eclipsing concerns brought about by less-than-stellar earnings results from the first quarter.

As a result of these developments, the S&P 500 Futures saw a modest increase of 0.15%, while the Nasdaq 100 Futures rose by 0.4%. The Dow Jones Futures, however, saw minimal movement, indicating a wait-and-see approach among some segments of the market.

During these fluctuating market conditions, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) in trading has proven exceptionally advantageous. Investors employing this technology have effectively navigated the market’s complexities, with some achieving a remarkable 34% Return on Investment in just 24 hours. This sophisticated AI capability enables traders to predict market movements with enhanced accuracy, optimizing their investment strategies even in volatile periods.

Technical analysis

USA500 Analysis Technical analysis 24/04/2024

Time Frame: 1 hour

USA500 Support & Resistance Table – 24/04/2024

Support & ResistanceLevelExplanation
Resistance 25179.68Daily R2
Resistance 15157.10Daily R1
Support 15096.90Daily S1
Support 25074.32Daily S2

USA500 Indicator Table – 24/04/2024

SMA 20Buy
SMA 50Buy
SMA 100Sell
MACD( 12;26;9)Sell
RSI (14)Buy
Stochastic ( 9;6;3)Buy

USA500 Indicator / Period Table – 24/04/2024

Indicator / PeriodDay – BuyWeek – BuyMonth – Buy
MACD( 12;26;9)SellBuyBuy
RSI (14)BuyBuyBuy
SMA 20BuyBuyBuy

USA500 24/04/2024 – Reference Price : 5124.58

BUYSimple Moving AverageBuy (2)Sell (1)Technical Indicators – OscillatorsBuy (2)Sell (1)

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